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EcoBlue Fair trade and Funtastic Jewellery & Accessories

We are a family run independent and imaginative jeweller who love beautiful fair trade jewellery.
At Ecoblue our fair trade jewellery is unique and a little bit different.  Every piece is handmade. We like to think that the people who make it pass on a little of their individuality into each piece.
Not only is it beautiful, but rather than buy something that is mass-produced, you can purchase something knowing that those who have made it will truly benefit.  Every piece of jewellery in our ethical store is produced in fair trade co-operatives and projects that offer a fair standard of working conditions, whenever possible with fairtrade certification.  Everything is made from sustainable, organic, renewable or eco-friendly materials.  We hope you will love wearing our beautiful jewellery.
As a company fairtrade our jewellery comes from all over the world. This includes fair trade items from the Philippines and jewellery rolls from Vietnam.
Quality is important to us, so we ensure that everything we sell is exceptionally well made. Our reputation as being one of the top jewellery websites in the UK is very important to us. We’re well known for offering exceptional customer service that includes fast delivery and returns to our UK based customers as standard. We look after our overseas customers too, and offer worldwide priority shipping for a low price. Based on our Amazon reviews from genuine customers, our average customer feedback score is 99%. You can shop online in confidence.

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