Jewellery from Fairtrade projects and communities, featuring Lotusfeet

Lotusfeet are one of the leading Fairtrade jewellery and accessory producers.

We have been working with them for a number of years now.  Many years ago we were atracted by their beautiful semi-precious gem jewellery.  They have always had a fabulous eye for colour and design mixing colours like rich blue turquoise with vibrant red jade, beautiful subtle lilac amethyst with smooth tactile freshwater pearls.

The coconut shell jewellery is a great example of how jewellery can be made from sustainable and responsibly sourced materials.  In the Philippines coconut shell is widely available, cheap for the fair trade co-operatives to buy, and totally versatile.  It can be dyed to an amazing rainbow of colours, you can see this in our beautiful coconut shell necklaces.

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