Jewellery, Hair Ties, Handbag Organisers, Purse Organizers and Handmade Accessories

Welcome to Ecoblue!

Hello. Our business Ecoblue was started by our family a few years ago. After seeing coffee, chocolate and tea being sold at our church, we started a small web site, and started selling fairtrade jewellery at The Big Church Day Out, and other local events. 

We love beautiful items, especially those that are fairtrade and handmade.  We believe fairtrade jewellery needs to be top-quality and modern, and seek out our partners who help to produce our jewelry very carefully. We have had a partnership with Lotusfeet for some time now. You can read about their fairtrade projects and community in our blog.

We love handmade items that are useful as well - and this is where the idea for our jewellery rolls and handbag or purse organisers came from.  We make sure they always have loads of useful pockets for items like an iphone, and all those things you want to have to hand.  Our jewelley rolls are handmade with beautiful silks and satins, we love choosing the colours and changing our shades to suit the seasons.

Our hair ties are a new venture.  We love colour and Gill makes them herself in our craft workshop in Kent, England. We are constantly changing the range, adding new patterns and colours. People often contact us and ask for bespoke orders - we are always happy to do this, and it's so great to be in touch with our customers and friends.

We'd love to hear from you!

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